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Pierre-alain LAUR

Team / Production / Tech / Data / Innovation

Pierre-alain LAUR
44 years old
Driving License
CHARENTON LE PONT (94220) France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
As a child of technology and a quick learner, i always followed new trends during my career.

During my experiences, I was able to combine my scientific and pedagogical skills with those necessary in the business world.

Collaborating with people from various countries and different cultures has allowed me to build and leverage great project teams achieving amazing products.

Different platforms, languages, environment help me to continuously improve processes and leadership.

Build, innovate, be caring and push the limits are elements that animate me and that I like to share in each of the companies with which I share a privileged moment of my life.

"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.", Theodore Roosevelt.
  • HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services. Our talented workforce and innovation strength create value for our stakeholders by enabling rich experiences through the connected car, connected enterprise and connected lifestyle.
  • Team building (30%): RH (recruitment coaching (6 leads), organization.
  • Production (70%): Project management, production pipeline, agile, CI, planning & risks mitigation.
  • 60 coworkers (80% dev.), 1 Mobile AI voice assistant
  • Production of PC / Console / Mobile serious game aiming at modernizing mainstream transportation learning. We use technologies from video games, AI and virtual reality.

    Available in France since 2014, The good drive is extending its reach in Europe and Overseas with an increasing number of partners.
  • Operation (30%): asses talent, team building, coaching, product and commercial strategy, P&L.
  • Production (70%): projects management, pipeline, agile, technical direction, CI, planning and mitigation.
  • 15 coworkers (12 directs), 3 products (Web, PC & Mobile).
  • Digital A.I.R is a social communication hub that links users to users, brands to users and entire social networks across the world.

    Digital A.I.R. is creating the next major evolution of communication by building an interactive ecosystem, in which existing digital and traditional media are merged into new and amazing mixed-reality experiences.
  • Tech.(40%): architecture, pipeline, team building, coaching, AR/VR.
  • Engineering (40%): product design, roadmap, pipeline, planning, process, team building, coaching, software quality.
  • Operation (20%): P&L, strategy, investors relationship, organization, staffing.
  • 30 coworkers (14 direct), multiplateform: Web / Mobile / SNS.

Development / Production / Data consulting

Since December 2015
  • Development: Plateforms (Mobile, Web, Social Networks), Technical design (Scalability, Disponibility, Pipeline), AR/VR, Team assesment & Process.
  • Production: Agile (lean, Scrum, Kanban, Trello), Product (Design, Roadmap, Mitigation, Management)
  • Data: Business Intelligence, KPI, AI & ML.
  • Others : Gamification, Digital transformation, fund advisor.
  • Virtuos is one of the largest game developers, providing the highest quality games and art to publishers and developers worldwide. We have more than 1200 staff across eleven locations worldwide and our clients include 18 of the top 20 digital entertainment publishers.
  • Engineering Department management (team size 60 direct (+30 remote), 3 assistant technical director, 6 software engineer managers).
  • Staffing. Training, Process, Pipeline in order to improve skills and department efficiency.
  • Architect & product owner of in-house Free To Play Mobile Framework (Front & Back End).
  • 400 coworkers, multiplateforms (mobile, xbox, ps4,..)
  • Virtuos is one of the largest game developers, providing the highest quality games and art to publishers and developers worldwide. We have more than 1200 staff across eleven locations worldwide and our clients include 18 of the top 20 digital entertainment publishers.
  • Creation and management of a new Free To Play Mobile Business Unit from scratch (team size 60, P&L ).
  • Design and setup of high quality agile production and developement pipeline from idea to launch.
  • Staffing, Training and coaching of the team.
  • Top management & group strategy.
  • 1200 coworkers, 2 publishers, 2 jeux, 5 third parties.
  • Company strategy (10%): Business Plan / PnL / Investor relationship.
  • Production (40%): technical design, delivery framework, DB optimization, Web & Mobile projects (38 projects, agile).
  • Publishing (30%): Partnership, International, Live Operation.
  • R&D (10%): strategy, 2 scientifics publications.
  • Backoffice (10%): RH (recruitment, coaching), Accounting, Tax, Statement.
  • 20 Free to Play Web / SNS / Mobile games (>10k CCU).
  • 40 coworkers (20 direct), 46 contractors, 5 000 000 EUR annual income, 32% outside of France.
  • IT strategy on 25 real estate agency accros 3 islands.
  • Digital strategy design and execution of group online presence (Web, Business software) as Technical Director and Product Owner.
  • Team management (5 Software Engineers and 12 contractors).
  • Teaching to Licence & Master degree (Algorithm, C++, Java, UML, SQL & Datamining) university students and professional workers.
  • Research at Grimaag Laboratory (5 intl. scientific publications).

Founder & CEO

January 2000 to December 2003
  • Trading card games retail business (online & offline).
  • Booth organization at major European Magic The Gathering events.
  • 150 000 EUR company annual income.

Aedenia Founder & Investor

April 2002 to June 2006
Lyon - Nimes
  • Setup and Supervision of 2 video games cyber-cafe shops with Trading card games side business.
  • 450 000 EUR company annual income.
  • Teaching to Licence & Master degree (Algorithmique, C++, Java, UML, SQL & Datamining).
  • Research at LIRMM Laboratory (8 intl. scientific publications).